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Halloween is tons of fun for the kids, but we must practice safety as well.


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How To Create A Halloween Costume

You don’t have to be a tailor or seamstress to create a Halloween costume. In fact, you don’t even have to own a needle or thread. All you need is some creativity (or a friend who’s creative), a closet with some clothes, and a nearby thrift shop.

Don’t take the lazy way out by tossing a sheet over your head and saying you’re a ghost. The key to figuring out how to create a Halloween costume is to work with what you’ve got and then fill in whatever is missing with things that you can get pretty easily.

Working with what you’ve got

Remember, Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, so don’t limit yourself to just your black wardrobe items. Start by doing a deep closet scan and dragging out anything fun, funky, or incredibly ugly and toss it on your bed. Don’t forget to dig into the boxes on the floor and under your bed for forgotten fashion accessories that you hoped you’d never wear again.

Once you’ve got everything piled high, you can start sorting it into “themed” piles. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create a Halloween costume when you’ve got all of the ingredients laid out in front of you. Start mixing and matching until something clicks. If you’ve got a basic theme going, but you lack some finishing touches, no worries mate. It’s time for Stage 2.

Working with what you can get pretty easily

So you got yourself a basic Halloween costume theme going but you’re short on the accessories, eh? Then it’s time to hit the thrift shops and consignment stores. Stay a way from the antiseptic strip mall stores that sell clothes from the Junior League, and get yourself over to funckytown where the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores are. That’s where you’ll find the “real deal” as Donald Trump likes to say.

Ok, the game plan is a bit like it was when you were rummaging your closet except you won’t be able to pile everything on your bed. Focus in on what you still need to create your Halloween costume and be relentless in your search. I said “relentless”, but I didn’t say “inflexible”. You see, depending upon how much time you have until Halloween, and how many stores you have access to, you might never find exactly what you’re looking for, so be prepared to compromise.

If your plans to create a Halloween costume require a feathered boa, but all you can find is an alpaca sweater, then toss the boa concept, take a pair of sheers to that sweater, and give it a bad haircut! It’s a Halloween party, not a fashion ball. You can get away with anything as long as it looks like you planned it that way.

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. You’re part of a small group of people who have the imagination needed to create a Halloween costume. Celebrate your insanity!

author:Brian Johnson

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